Friday, September 08, 2006

The Last Days

So, my love affair with Scott Westerfeld is over. Sniff. We will still be friends, but I am no longer the gushing fan that I once was. Don't get me wrong, The Last Days was was good, but it left me a tad underwhelmed. I guess that is the risk you take when you write a bunch of FABULOUS books in a row.

Moz is walking along the street after coming home from band practise with Zahler. All of a sudden he notices a crowd gathering. Some girl is going nuts and throwing everything out of her window...CDs, clothes, and then the mid-seventies Fender Strat. There was noway that Moz was going to let that beauty smash on the sidewalk. Miracle upon miracles, it snags on the fire escape and some girl in the crowd helps Moz catch its' inevitable fall with a blanket. And a friendship and bandship is formed.

We follow Moz, Zahler, Pearl, Alana Ray and the freaky Minerva in a Peeped out NYC try to make it into the music business. Each chapter is told from one of the character's point of view, and alternates in no set pattern. The character I find most interesting is Minerva. I got a real sense of her off kilter-ness.

If you haven't read Peeps you CAN read this title and you will probably enjoy it. Westerfeld simply seems to assume some knowledge from his readers, and true, much of it you can figure out from context.

I guess I can use a Buffy example for how I feel about this book. You know that episode with the creepy smiling floaty guys who steal all of the voices and souls. Well, that episode FREAKS me out, yet I cannot take my eyes off of it. Other episodes are enjoyable, but nothing measures up for me.

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Little Willow said...

Nice use of BtVS: Hush. :)

I really liked PEEPS. It was one of those titles that I talked about to anyone who would listen - customers, co-workers, anyone in the bookstore who looked as if he or she might be vaguely interested in the subject matter. THE LAST DAYS was all right, but I think my expectations were too high for anyone to reach.

Check out the Shadow Saga by Christopher Golden if you haven't already. The first book is Of Saints and Shadows. I recommend starting there, though you may begin with the fourth title, The Gathering Dark. It was written in such a way that new readers could pick up there if they'd like to do so.