Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer: A User's Guide

Have you ever looked longingly at those Daring and Dangerous books for girls and boys and wished to be a kid again? Well, wish no longer, because Suzanne Brown's Summer: A Users Guide is right up that alley and aimed at the grown-up set.

Suzanne is a self confessed summer junkie. From her parents renting a bungalow at the Jersey shore, to weekends on the Vineyard with friends, summer held magical moments. Brown uses this book to help those who may not be summer converts to fill their days, no matter the city or country location.

Filled with stunning photographs, readers need not study cover to cover. The format allows for and encourages jumping around. From the initial list of "50 fun things to do this summer" (which includes 8. send a message in a bottle, and 50. spike a watermelon with vodka p. 17) to the instructions on cleaning fish, this is a book that should accompany folks to the beach-house, cottage, cabin, lake house, and kitchen table.

Recipes, instructions for games, hosting, arts and crafts, tire swings, picnics, identifying clouds, car games, skipping stones....the list goes on and on. Yes, this is a family friendly book, but with recipes for cocktails, and instructions for repairing screens, there is a decidedly adult bent.

I really love this book. From the way that it looks to the eclectic content within, it's sure to make a match for plenty of readers. I know that it will be a hostess gift of mine this summer!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely review! Happy summering!

Suzanne Brown

Stacy Dillon said...

And thanks for stopping by Suzanne! It really is a gorgeous book!

Catherine said...

Hey Stacy! Dave bought this for me based on your recommendation here. Silly me I didn't even know you did this. :) I'll keep an eye out -- I love your taste in books!
:) Catherine Schroh

Stacy Dillon said...

Hey Cath! Yeah, I blog here and over at Welcome to My Tweendom (when your girls get a bit older they can find some stuff there too!)