Thursday, June 30, 2005

In the Coils of the Snake

Clare Dunkle. I first received a copy of Hollow Kingdom from VOYA to review last year. I looked at the cover and groaned to my friend Jen about fantasy books. Bad cover. Really bad cover. But I had to read it because I had a review to write.
So I started it on the boat on my way home from school.
I finished it on the boat on my way back to school.
It was that good.
Then VOYA sent along the second in the series, Close Kin. I was excited that Linda was letting me review the series, especially since I didn't get credit for the first review! I gave it a 5Q rating (the highest there is) and someone named Sarah was listed as the reviewer. Oh well.
Now Linda sent me the last in the series.
Another amazing book. It has been 30 years since Close Kin (in the goblin world ...not real life), and Marak is ready to die. His son is being prepped to take on the kingdom, and Marak has even gone to the trouble of finding his son a bride. Traditionally the goblin kings have to steal their brides (preferably elf...sometimes human) to take them below the earth for the rest of their lives. Marak has basically raised Miranda since she was a baby. She is fully fluent in goblin, and has a home life that is making her long to be locked underground as a king's wife.
Marak brings Miranda to his world, and then he dies. The day that she is to be married to Marak Catspaw, the elves return. This time they are led by the mysterious and powerful Nir. And the way that Miranda has been raised has in no way prepared her for the fate to come.

Just as fast paced and exciting as the first enstallment, ITCOTS is a wonderful ending to an amazing story!

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