Friday, January 26, 2007


My colleague Jen and I were just having a conversation about this the other day. Today over at BookBurger, you can read about the headless covers on teen chicklit.

Why are the girls being decapitated? Really. There's a ton of feminist theory written on this subject, and there just seems to be a proliferation of bodies sans heads!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

110 per¢

Tony Consiglio's 110 per¢ is quite the ride of a graphic novel.

Meet Cathy, Sasha, and Gertrude...3 aging boy band fans and members of MOFO 110 per¢ (the Mature Older Fans Of...). 3 very different lives with the single fact in common that they are way too concerned, and even obsessed with the boy band.

Cathy is an overweight single gal who is the butt of many a joke in her workplace. She goes to MOFO meetings in hopes of identifying with other adults, and finding a place to fit it. Sasha is the eldest of the 3 and her husband Harry is a bit of a jerk. Gertrude obviously hates her life, her husband, and even her kids...and simply lives for the band. All things come second to 110 per¢.

This is a sad and hopeful story. While Sasha and Cathy realize that they don't need the band to be happy, Gertrude pays the price of her family for her obsession.

I think most readers can find themselves in one of these women. From the jerky husband, to feelings of lost youth, the themes in this book make it best for adult readers. (Not to mention the couple of simply drawn, yet *raunchy* sex scenes with the MOFO group's only straight male member!)
Another great book from Top Shelf Productions.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This Thing Called Class

This is an interesting question that colleagues and I have been pondering.

There are many ways to organize books. There are many labels that one can put at the top of the booklist. "Books for Boys", "Multicultural Fiction", "Chicklit", "Mysteries" know the drill.

Why is it that we never see "Books About Class"? Class meaning socioeconomic circumstances, in this case. Fiction, especially.

Because the books are out there...we just never stick them on a list to allow others to find them en masse.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ahhhh. Nothing like a little Satan around the holidays!

It is Big-Little day and Jane is a little concerned that her bestfriend Ally won't have any freshman want to be her little. Ally is a little strange. Well, she tries too hard, anyway. The reviews from the junior judges were out, and while Jane came off ok, nothing was spared in mocking Ally's looks.

Just before the Big-Little ceremony is to begin, Ally runs up to Jane, cupcake in hand. It was in her locker with a note reading "Will you be my big?". Jane thinks she can relax a little. Then the whole thing starts. Several of the girls have plenty of freshmen who want to be paired with them, but Jane and Ally stand alone. All of a sudden Jane recognizes the pale and pasty look on Ally's face. But it's too late. Vomit. Projectile. Everywhere.

Is there anything more humiliating in highschool than actually puking on people in front of other people?

Jane is trying to help Ally in the restroom when a tall girl enters. Jane hasn't seen her before, but she can tell that she's a sophomore from her blazer. She tells Jane to go to class and that she wants to be Ally's little.

Ally lays low for awhile, but returns with trendy clothes and a fashionable do.

Would you sell your soul to end the torment? Would you sell your soul to save a friend?

Maureen Johnson has written a smart and sassy story that Buffy fans will adore. Yes, the devil exists...but not as you would assume. And yes there are forces working to save the souls that the devil wants. And they are not who you think they will be. Fun, fast, light and dark at the same time, Devilish will appeal to girls (and boys) who recognize highschool popularity for what it is!

And hey, I managed an A-Z read as well!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A-Z Read

I read about this challenge on SassyMonkey earlier today and I was intrigued. I thought, what the heck...I will give this a try.

Voila! Here is my list for 07. Let's see what I can get through!

A-Z Challenge

Amulet of Samarkind, by Straud

Born to Rock, by Korman

Caddie Woodlawn, by Brink

Devilish, by Johnson

End (The), by Snicket

Fairest, by Levine

Glass Castles (The), by Walls

Hole in My Life, by Gantos

I Capture the Castle, by Smith

Joy in the Morning, by Smith

Keturah and Lord Death, by Leavitt

Love Curse of the Rumbaughs, by Gantos

Mansfield Park, by Austen

No Flying in the House, by Brock

Our Eleanor, by Fleming

Places in Between (The), by Stewart

Queen Sophie Hartley, by Green

Reading Like A Writer, by Prose

Sweet and Low, by Cohen

Turn of the Screw, by James

Under the Persimmon Tree, by Staples

View from Castle Rock, by Munro

Weedflower, by Kadahota

Final EXits, by Largo

Yellow Raft in Blue Water, by Dorris

Zero at the Bone, by Walker

As you can see, it's quite the ecclectic mix of adult, classic, children's and graphic novels. I am interested in seeing what kind of priority I put on these books in the face of bright, shiny arcs coming across my desk!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So, I guess it's about time that I talk about the Cybils.

The Cybil Award is the blogger community's answer to the Best Lists. Best YA fiction, Best Picture Book, Best Graphic Novel...etc.

I am on the judging committee for the Graphic Novels. You won't see any reviews here until judging is over, because I think it may seem a little conflict of interest-y.

So...look forward to some super gn reviews in the near future, and head on over to the Cybil site to check everything out!