Sunday, January 21, 2007

110 per¢

Tony Consiglio's 110 per¢ is quite the ride of a graphic novel.

Meet Cathy, Sasha, and Gertrude...3 aging boy band fans and members of MOFO 110 per¢ (the Mature Older Fans Of...). 3 very different lives with the single fact in common that they are way too concerned, and even obsessed with the boy band.

Cathy is an overweight single gal who is the butt of many a joke in her workplace. She goes to MOFO meetings in hopes of identifying with other adults, and finding a place to fit it. Sasha is the eldest of the 3 and her husband Harry is a bit of a jerk. Gertrude obviously hates her life, her husband, and even her kids...and simply lives for the band. All things come second to 110 per¢.

This is a sad and hopeful story. While Sasha and Cathy realize that they don't need the band to be happy, Gertrude pays the price of her family for her obsession.

I think most readers can find themselves in one of these women. From the jerky husband, to feelings of lost youth, the themes in this book make it best for adult readers. (Not to mention the couple of simply drawn, yet *raunchy* sex scenes with the MOFO group's only straight male member!)
Another great book from Top Shelf Productions.

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