Sunday, May 21, 2006

meme book questions

So over at
  • Jen Robinson's Book Page
  • there are some interesting questions to answer!

    Name 3 children's books you would like to live in.
    1) Penderwicks
    2) Desperaux
    3) Star of Kazaan

    Name 3 schools in children's books that you would like to attend.
    2) Spence (A Great and Terrible Beauty)
    3) Culver Creek Boarding School (soley for the philosophy teacher - Looking for Alaska)

    Name 3 books you like that you would NOT want to live in.
    1) Uglies trilogy, by Westerfeld
    2) Coraline
    3) Downsiders

    Name 3 schools you would NOT want to attend.
    1) Crunchem Hall
    2) The Princess Academy
    3) anywhere that Miss Myrt Arbuckle is teaching!

    I know that some of these titles are YA, but hey! That's what I am reading these days.

    What are YOUR answers?

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