Friday, March 30, 2007

Poetry Friday

I thought I would share something from the poetry book that my soon-to-be 4 year old is currently obsessed with. I do love having a kiddo who is fascinated with words and rhyming! Such fun!


Saliva, better known as spit;
it seems our mouths are full of it.
To see your spit at work, don't spew it;
bite a bit of bread and chew it.
Your salivary glands produce
saliva, a digestive juice
that helps to turn the bread to mush,
assisting the esophagus
(a muscular and lengthy tube)
in swallowing the food you've chewed.
Although some folks think spit is rude,
your spit helps you digest your food.

With poems like "Consider the Anus", and "Your Hormones are Exciting", Allan Wolf's poems really do cover the ins and outs of the body. A fun look at our bodies and even a helpful gateway to those inevitable discussions about "parts"!

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