Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Here's a cover that will catch your attention!

Kiriel is one of the demons of Hell who guards over the minions reflecting their souls back to them. It's a gig he's done since the Rebellion. But he's tired. The Boss doesn't notice him, the Creator doesn't notice him, and frankly, he's sick and tired of the misery.

Time for a vacation.

The vacation's name is Shaun. Shaun is a typical, run-of-the-mill teen who is about to get run down by a cement mixer. Kiriel steps in seconds before the event, and while Shaun is no more, Kiriel is happy to start another existence.

Kiriel chose Shaun specifically because he has some autonomy, but doesn't have to truly take care of himself. Kiriel is soon experiencing a teenage boy lifestyle, and while his style is a bit different from Shaun's, he is doing quite well!

The beauty of this title for me is the fact that author A.M. Jenkins explores some pretty heavy territory, including not only the nature of life itself, but our place in it and our appreciation of it. While the viewpoint is a Christian one, the story and message are definitely universal in scope. The fact that Jenkins can get the voice of a teenage boy so well is part of what makes this such an authentic story. While readers wait and see how long Kiriel can get away with hijacking Shaun, we simply enjoy Kiriel's quest to get noticed and to live this life he has taken to its fullest.

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Afton said...

I just read this book and really liked it. I didn't expect "Kiriel-possessed Shaun" to do some of the things he did. I expected much more hell-raising, I guess. Anyway, it really made me think about how I appreciate what my body can do and how I can use it to help others. Not what I expected to get from a YA read.