Monday, May 09, 2005

The Perfect Book

Have you ever read the perfect book? Or at least perfect for the time? The first time that I remember it happening as an adult was when I read High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby. That was the book that my music loving self wished she could have written. I love the music, I love the relationship angst...I loved it all.

I just finished reading The Minister's Daughter, by Julie Hearn. Instead of music, this book is full of fairy lore, herbalism, magick, religious fervor and intergirl relationships.

Nell is a merrybegot and the granddaughter of the local midwife/healer. She is wild, opinionated and strong...qualities that are not found in girls in Puritan society.

Those girls are like Grace and Patience...the minister's daughters. They sit in the parlour doing their cross stich, remain with heads bowed in church, and are above suspicion.

Grace proves to be human afterall, and instead of being truthful or facing up to her circumstance, she calls upon the hysteria over witchcraft to explain away her actions.

As reader I experienced so many emotions while reading this book, and found myself entranced and repelled by this world. What a time for a girl to live!

I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Witch Child, by Rees or A Great and Terrible Beauty, by Bray.

An amazing read.
5 stars

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