Sunday, June 12, 2005


Being a social worker must be a drag. Really. My sister is a sw, so I have heard some of her stories, but E.R. Frank is the queen of the sad story.

Wrecked begins..."The day I killed my brother's girlfriend started with me handpicking leaves off our front lawn". Seriously. The first line.

I almost put it down, but remembered the amazing voices of Life is Funny and kept reading.

Anna is such an interesting character. The reader must wonder if her quirks came less from the accident and more from the years and years of her father's yelling and pushing buttons.
Anna's best friend Ellen is a stand-out and I was left wanting more of her story as well.
I have a crush on Seth.

Again, I love reading the arcs because it feels so great to read early, but then I feel too bad to put lots of plot on here. So I can only leave you with my general impressions.

This is a sad, sad story...but not sad in a Lurlene McDaniel way. Sad in a compassionate and compelling way. You will want to know Anna, and you will want to know how she gets through everything that is put upon her plate.

I would recommend this to anyone who liked Life is Funny, or even 33 Snowfish, by Rapp.

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