Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Big House

I picked this up out of the children's section of our library in the hopes of finding something to add to my 4th grade summer reading list this year. I am still undecided if this will make the cut, but it was a fun and quick read.

Ivy and Ray's parents have never really been above board, but this time they are both being sent "up the river" for embezzlement from a charity. Ivy and Ray are left in the care of Marietta Noland and her husband Lionel...the very people who had their folks sent away.

Soon Ray and Ivy are living in the Noland mansion, and are left to their own devices in their own wing. They explore, find a great hiding spot in a rhododendron bush, and start taking a bunch of "evidence" (re Marietta's stuff) to help find their parents innocent.

A series of mishaps and mysteries ensue.

It seems that Carolyn Coman was writing a story in the vein of Ibbotson and Dahl but without the level of success.

It is a nice story, don't get me wrong. It's just not as richly told. It is good for a quick read.

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