Monday, April 09, 2007

There's Nothing To Do On Mars

Davey Martin is bored. Why? Because there's nothing to do on Mars. "The nights were very cold. The dust storms were terrible. And there was no water anywhere."


When Davey's parents finally holler at him to "Go out and play", he takes his trusty robot dog Polaris and off they go. But Davey is still bored.

He decides to climb a tree.


He decides to build a fort.


He rain dances with the stinky Martians, digs for buried treasure, and digs in a volcano before inadvertantly finding the water that Mars so needs. Mars isn't so boring anymore, but it sure is getting crowded.

Is there anything to do on Saturn?

Chris Gall's combination of "be careful what you wish for", and "Terrible No Good Day" feel is a sure fire bet with planet savy kids. Pulp style illustrations give There's Nothing To Do On Mars the type of flare that will likely bring professional recognition. All I can tell you is it's the most grabbed for arc on my desk!

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