Sunday, May 20, 2007


Sayde and Demi are getting the heck out of Dodge (aka Brenton, OH)and going off to the fabu summer drama institute at Wildewood Academy. Before she met Demi, Sayde was plain old Sarah, and her life lacked razzle-dazzle. Now, on the way to Wildewood with Demi dropping his straight boy drag, Sadye is sure she is in for the time of her life.

She is partly right.

Wildewood has everything. Amazing productions, Broadway directors, students who have performed all over the country. There are even a few straight boys for Sadye to consider pouncing. She gets along fine on the surface with her roomies Nanette, Iz and Candie, but underneath it all, tall gawky Sadye still doesn't fit.

She wonders how all of these other kids can simply accept direction. Especially when it's obvious that better options exist. Even Demi starts to think that Sayde is being a downer.

Filled with all of the heartache and angst one expects at summer camp, E. Lockhart has written a superfun book about growing up and growing apart, that theater geeks as well as those who have never even heard of Guys and Dolls will eat up.

I am as far from a theater person as you can get. My high school didn't even have a drama option, and musicals give me a rash, but I truly enjoyed this book!

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