Wednesday, May 30, 2007

this is what i did

Logan's family has just moved. He is on to a new school. His parents think this will be for the best after what happend.

But history has a way of following you.

Zyler and Logan used to be best friends. They weren't the kind of guys who had lots of friends or girlfriends, but they were good that way. Zyler spent time at Logan's house, and every now and again - if Zyler's dad wasn't home - Logan would go over there too.

Then Logan saw what he saw.

Then his family moved.

Ann Dee Ellis has written and poignant and moving story about growing up, families, rumours and friendship. How far would you go for a friend? What would you do if you saw something terrible happening? Would you jump in?

Ellis has a way of writing silence that is simply brilliant. The setting is so clear, and our kids who have read the arc are simply beside themselves with how much they like this is what i did.

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