Monday, August 11, 2008

Generation Dead

Phoebe is a typical goth girl biding her time in high school. She hangs out with her best friend Margi, and Adam from next door has a crush on her. The thing is, the hallways in her high school have changed over the past few years. Oakvale High has become somewhat famous for its integration of living impaired kids. You know ... zombies, corpsicles, worm buffets...however you say it, one thing is sure. These kids are dead.

The interesting thing is that only American teens are coming back from the dead, and not all dead kids return.

Tommy Williams (living impaired, or differently biotic if you will) has managed to catch Phoebe's eye. She knows it's kind of cliche...the goth girl falling for the dead boy, but she cannot help herself. She's drawn to him.

Not all of the kids in Phoebe's school feel the same way about the dead. Kids like Pete and TC from the football team don't think that the dead should mix with the living, and they plan on making sure that everyone who fraternizes with the zombies will pay.

Daniel Waters has written a wry romance slash football story slash high school story that pushes our idea of normal. From the inevitable commercialization of zombie paraphernalia, to the idea of Phoebe and Tommy's relationship becoming physical, readers will find themselves grappling with the reality of their own actions. Think about it. What would you do if your little brother or sister came back from the dead? Would you open your arms or run?

The storyline itself has the perfect blend of reality and sci/fi to crossover audiences, and the ending packs a punch. I think that guys and girls will like this book equally, and they will have a good time reading it!

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