Friday, February 10, 2006

Children's Book Meme

I do love to answer surveys. Not over the phone, but the kind you can write down. I love polls. I guess I like to put in my own 2 cents.

I found this linked over from Orange Splot and Big A Little A.

1) What were your favourite 3 children's series?
Little House on the Prairie, Pippi Longstocking and The Bobsey Twins.

2)What were your favourite 3 non-series children's books?
Garbage Delight, by Dennis Lee , Where the Sidewalk Ends, and The Great Gilly Hopkins

3) Who were your 3 favourite children's book characters?
Laura Ingalls, Ramona, Charlie Bucket

1) Who wrote your least favourite children's books?
Jan and Stan Berenstain

2)What was the saddest moment in childhood reading?
Bridge to Terabithia

3) Which adult book scared the bejeezus out of you?
Amityville Horror. It STILL freaks me out to think of it!!!!

1 comment:

ShellyS said...

I love how folks add to a meme. I ask 3 questions on Booked by 3 so I don't run out of questions too fast, and even doing it monthly takes a lot of thinking. I might have to steal the bonus questions for a future Booked by 3. :)

Thanks for playing.