Saturday, February 25, 2006

Comic Con NYC

Ahhhhh the comic convention! The combo geek fest and book fest that turned out to be cool. Aside from the creepy adult twins who actually dressed alike and were freaking me and Jen out, it was pretty fun!

And I got Tricked, by Alex Robinson of Box Office Poison fame. He even signed it and illustrated it for me! Yay!

I couldn't put Tricked down and now I wish it wasn't over. This is the story of intersecting lives with a rockstar bent. There is Ray, formerly of the Tricks, who is suffering from severe writer's block along with an inflated sense of self. Caprice is a waitress with a bad track record concerning men. Steve has stopped taking his meds and is turning into a paranoid and obsessive fan. And Nick just lies, lies, lies, lies.

All of these characters have characters around them who weave in and out of the plot. I am not sure if this book appeals to me so intensely because of the fact that I live in NYC. I often take time to sit and wonder about all of the people around me. How did they end up here? Where are they going? What are their secrets?

This is the graphic novel that I will be recommending to my "hipster" friends. And I know that I will be rereading it often!

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