Monday, May 07, 2007

Book Expo

Why do I get so excited about BookExpo?

Lots of my librarian friends and colleagues go to these things with a "Been there, done that" sort of attitude. No matter how many times I score a free book, I feel the rush!

I love meeting authors. I love meeting fellow librarians and bloggers. So if anyone else is going to be there, drop me a line. I am going on the Friday, and plan on spending the day!

Last time I was all pregnant and tired. This afforded me no sympathy. (See my previous blog entry from 2 years ago here!) No more belly, and my elbows are ready for shoving! I also come with the supreme knowledge that while rolly bags are not allowed on the floor, you can bring one and check it...thus making the trip home, tres facile!


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Anonymous said...

I love Book Expo too! I'm going and can't wait. I've been going since 2005.